Creating in Chaos (Supporting #OwnVoices writers): Interview with Laura Noakes!

laura-noakes-author-photoIt is my deep pleasure and privilege to introduce the brilliant MG writer, Laura Noakes! Besides writing sparkly, magical stories, she’s also an excellent critique partner (whom I love to minuscule bits). Welcome, Laura! 🙂

Tell us a little bit about your writing!

I write middle grade fiction, and I’ve written MS’s that are fantasy, sci-fi, historical and
magical realism! Basically, I write everything, although all my MS’s generally feature a touch of magic and a lot of quirk! All my main characters so far have been girls—I LOVE girl MC’s. I also have a penchant for writing characters who love science (my dad is a science teacher, that might be where that comes from), and girls who are kind of scrappy and tomboy-ish (Lyra from His Dark Materials is one of my absolute favourite female characters). My current WIP is probably my most personal work so far. It’s about a girl with hypermobility, a disability that I also have, who is a complete superhero nerd!
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Creating in Chaos Series-Interview with Daniel Tidwell!

On this cool and overcast Thursday, I have the honor of introducing one of my favorite people in the ENTIRE WORLD to you. And this is not just because I used to annoy him ruthlessly in the back seat on long road trips (and still have a vague sense of lingering guilt about it). Mostly it’s because he’s something of a creative midwife and an exceptionally gifted communicator. Welcome, Daniel Tidwell!


Image of Daniel taking selfie while his sister uses her cell phone in the background.

Tell us a little about what you do: 

Well . . . To pay my bills, I work in higher education. I design co-curricular programming for graduate students who are going into helping professions. The focus is helping people steward their own vocational development and sustainability. Basically, I help people practice checking-in with themselves and making sure they know how to get what they need in order to thrive and not burn out in fields of work designed for burn-out.

In addition to that, I work as a Spiritual Director–in my context, that means accompanying artists and LGBTIQA folks pursuing spirituality, especially when they don’t find a good fit in organized religion. I offer group classes geared toward the writing arts on understanding your own creative practice.

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Maxing out Focus-Guest Post by Isobel DeBrujah

Let’s talk about maxing out focus. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life studying crime and psychology and the absolute best place to read about this phenomenon is the Persuasion Skills Blackbook: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting the Response You Want. Use your new found powers only for good.

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Creativity Series: Finding Your Magic In The Chaos


Unless you’re living on Mars, you’re probably aware that things are, in a word, shitty.

Our new “President” (he’s not mine, for the record) has a cabinet that closely resembles one from Borgin and Burkes; complete with tiny grabbing hands, nasty-ass masks to hide behind, and instruments of torture and bigotry. Things are crappy. And they’ll probably get worse. Continue reading

Writing Diverse Characters–Panel Interview Blog!

Like many writers I’ve talked with, I’m pretty justice-driven and compassionate, especially when it comes to being mindful of young readers. So, obviously, it really burns my toast that kids, teens, and adults don’t have the opportunity to read books with complex, diverse characters that amount to more than comic relief or sidekicks.

In an effort to listen, learn, and give others a platform to educate, I’m pleased to introduce three avid readers and writers who have graciously agreed to share some of their observations and experiences!

Welcome, Isobel, Charity, and Shondolyn!

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Magic of internet community and fandoms

My six year old recently got her hair cut. Quite short. It suits her, and it’s completely adorable. For a whole twenty-four hours, she felt like the Queen of Hair Land, and rightly so. Girlfriend was killin’ it!

Then, some little boys at the park teased her, said she “couldn’t be a REAL girl”, and told her she was “too ugly to be a girl”. (Notice the double standard there? Boys can have short hair, and be handsome, but if a girl has short hair she’s *ugly*?) Obviously, this was hurtful.

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Ask a Middle Grade Reader –A Very Special Interview Blog!

I’m the luckiest writer in the world to have so many MG super readers in my life! Today, several of them have contributed answers to six book-related questions, and I’m excited to share them with you all. Ready? Grab a double stuffed Oreo and settle in!


Meet my guests! 

John The Dragon Tamer (10 years and 11 months); Leliy The Farm Girl (9 years and one month); Caleb Roskelly (11); Elsie; Superboy (11); Maya Wylie (11); BookWyrm (almost 11); CatWhisperer (SO close to 9). Welcome!!

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