Ask a Middle Grade Reader –A Very Special Interview Blog!

I’m the luckiest writer in the world to have so many MG super readers in my life! Today, several of them have contributed answers to six book-related questions, and I’m excited to share them with you all. Ready? Grab a double stuffed Oreo and settle in!


Meet my guests! 

John The Dragon Tamer (10 years and 11 months); Leliy The Farm Girl (9 years and one month); Caleb Roskelly (11); Elsie; Superboy (11); Maya Wylie (11); BookWyrm (almost 11); CatWhisperer (SO close to 9). Welcome!!

So many in their Hogwarts letter year!

So many in their Hogwarts letter year!


Let’s get started! 


Q. What sort of books do you like? 

Maya: I like mysteries and magic, like  Harry Potter.

Superboy: Adventure/fantasy.

Elsie: Mystery and Adventure.

Leliy : Mystery adventure and some fantasy (percy jackson, harry potter, 39 clues, kane chronicles, etc.)

CatWhisperer: Fantasy, humor. How to Train Your Dragon, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Magic Thief, Eragon.

John: Adventure fantasy (menagerie, wings of fire, harry potter, percy jackson, etc.)

Bookwyrm:  I like contemporary fantasy. Because then I can imagine it happening, and understand the story better. If it took place on some green Martian planet called Kuzoom, I wouldn’t understand it nearly as well. This is why I like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Secret Series, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Series of Unfortunate Events. Lots of books.


Q.  How much time do you think you spend reading each week? (audio books count, no wrong answer!)

John: 10-14h

Elsie: Twenty-one hrs at least

Superboy: about 20 hrs

Maya: For school I read around one hour a day. On my own I read (if it’s a really good book) maybe 8 to 10 hours a week.

Bookwyrm: Um, wow. Probably more than I should? I’d say about five to six hours a day. So…I dunno, six times seven?

Caleb:  5 hours – 10 hours

CatWhisperer: I’d say I spend 50% of my time reading. I’m dyslexic, so I read some and listen to some on my tablet.

Leliy: 14-21 hours


Q. Have you ever put a book down and never finished it? What made you stop reading?

Maya: Yes many times, most of the time I stop reading is because it is too scary, the rest of the time it gets to boring.

Superboy: Yes, I have. Because if the books are long non-fiction I will stop in the beginning of the book.

Elsie:  When I was reading Anne of Green Gables, I stopped because there were too many descriptions.

John: Yes. I got bored with it.

CatWhisperer: Yeah. The Once and Future King. It was a children’s story, but it felt like there was no plot line. Boring.

Leliy: No.  I usually always finish my books.

Caleb:  yes, Last of the Gullivers it was just not my favorite.

Bookwyrm: I finish reading almost all books. One I didn’t finish because it got boring. There were way too many details.


Q. In your mind, what makes a really fantastic book?

Leliy the Farmgirl: People who are living in the normal world, but then they figure out that they are more and the world is more than what they thought. Kind characters.  Brave and strong women.

Maya: Something exciting and fun!

John the Dragon Tamer: Mythical creatures.  I do not like cliff-hangers.  I do not like when it takes too long to get to the adventure.

Caleb: When it has magic, witches, wizards, etc.

CatWhisperer: A solid story line. It shows you what’s going on but doesn’t give away too much. I also like cool fictional animals, like in Fablehaven.

Superboy: First of all the author has to be a very good author, Like for example JK Rowling. Next it has to be really long but not too long about 200 pages for fiction and about 50 pages for non-fiction. Finally it has to be a book that I’m interested in adventure / fantasy.

Elsie: The books that I think are fantastic are the ones like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Howl’s Moving Castle’s. Evil villains and a little bit of heroes, is what makes a book fantastic to me.


Q.  Is there a character you relate to most?

CatWhisperer: I like Arya (The Inheritance Cycle) because she’s strong, and she’s kind to Aragon when she doesn’t like him back. She’s also very graceful, and I like that.

Superboy: Ron Weasly from Harry Potter by J K Rowling  Ron is tall and skinny and so am I. He’s friends with the most popular kid in school and so am I. He’s good at sports but when he goes to match is he’s not very good, so am I. But if we believe in ourselves we can do anything.

Maya: Maybe Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter or Xena Holmes from the Sherlock Files Cases: Unsolved.

Elsie:  I would say Sally J. Freedman, from Starring Sally J. Freedman as herself. Because she makes up stories in her mind, just like I do.

Bookwyrm: Sadie Kane from The Kane Chronicles. She fights with her sibling a lot, she’s very sarcastic but not mean. She’s easily offended, but funny. She isn’t fearless. She’s afraid of things, but she doesn’t hide in a corner and scream.

Leily The Farmgirl: It is hard to imagine just one character.  I think I relate to most all of girl heroes (hermione, luna, annabeth).  Basically, all of them together.  And don’t forget Sadie and Rena.

John the Dragon Tamer: Starflight the dragon – because he loves books.


Q.  Has reading made you a different person? (this one’s a toughie!) 

Leliy the Farmgirl: I have opened my eyes to new worlds, and my imagination has gotten much bigger than it used to be, and I know more things than I have ever known.

Caleb:  If I had never opened a book I’d not have  half the wits i do and not know half the stories i do.

Catwhisperer: Reading has made me better at social skills.

Elsie:  I have been inspired to write my own books and novels.

Superboy:  It has made me a lot smarter than other kids and also it has made my spelling a lot better

Maya: Some of my friends and I have more to talk about because of books, and I have more to think about because of books.

Bookwyrm: It’s easier to just show you.

Self-portrait, by Bookwyrm

“Capable” by Bookwyrm

A big thank you to all the participants! You’re basically cooler than being able to apparate in and out of Hogwarts at will. Happy reading!!

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  1. Man, I’ve gotta go find some of these books you’re middle graders referenced. This Kane bit sounds fascinating ☺️


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